Conference Programme

4 Tools for your global fleet management success, in 2023 and beyond.

This year’s conference will be buzz with the presence of experts and decision makers from the different regions of the world, with best-practice sharing from members of the Global Fleet Managers Club.

The Global Fleet Conference 2022 will offer five hours of virtual content, zooming in on four key topics that have a direct bearing on your global fleet management success:

  • Supply chains: problems persist, but solutions exist
  • Global TCO: well worth the effort – and here’s how
  • Sustainability: turn going green into an opportunity
  • Regional fleet efficiency: if you want to lead, go lean

You can’t have global fleet management success without getting to grip with these key topics. They will shape your strategy in 2023 and beyond.

Each topic will be discussed in a separate session. Each session will feature a thought leadership talk, expert presentations, and/or a panel discussion. A final session will feature an executive debate, recapping the Lessons Learned and highlighting the results of our 2022 Global Fleet Survey.

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  • May 13

  • May 14

  • May 15

  • The ideal opportunity for women with careers in global fleet and mobility to gather, learn, share and discuss.

  • Attendees can participate in the plenary conference with Thought Leadership presentations from industry experts, best practices from Award winning fleet managers and executive panel discussion about emerging global fleet trends in Sustainability.

  • This interactive part covers 4 to 5 key trends in Fleet Sustainability in which industry executives and fleet leaders will explore opportunities for success in 2024 and beyond.

  • During this final day we will explore the regional status, outlook and management tactics around Fleet Sustainability.

Sponsors - Virtual Global Fleet Conference - 8 Dec. 2022